How to Extract TripAdvisor Reviews Using an API?

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  7 October 2021


TripAdvisor reviews have many useful details about hotel and flight prices, which can assist you in increasing your business. Also, it is home to tons of helpful stats about common travel destinations, restaurants, and hotels.

If you wish to scrape and utilize all the data, you could use data scraping to automatically scrape data from TripAdvisor reviews. Scraping data involves the use of automated bots for collecting data from a website’s HTML version as well as deliver collected data in CSV or Excel format, therefore you can analyze, process, as well as use this data.

Using an API (Application Programming Interface) or an HTML module, you can get the required quickly and smoothly. and quickly. Read this blog and learn about why these TripAdvisor reviews are so important, what web scraping is, as well as how you can extract reviews data from TripAdvisor using an HTML module or an API. We’ll also understand how to utilize ReviewGators’ HTML scraper and API.

Why TripAdvisor Reviews Are So Important


How many reviews TripAdvisor website has? In 2020, TripAdvisor had more than 884 million reviews about accommodations, hotels, and more.

It means TripAdvisor reviews could tell us so much about facilities, experiences, flights, as well as other things that can assist consumers:

  • Avoid general tourist traps or mistakes
  • Determine new places, experiences, and accommodations
  • Get in-depth research for travel destinations
  • Have a superior understanding of the most loved and the most hated tourist attractions in the particular area

For example, if you want to visit Seattle for your weekend holidays, you can utilize scraping to find out which neighboring city is economical. Similarly, you may use scraping for spotting and avoiding general mistakes that travelers make while touring any particular area.

You need to think about going through TripAdvisor reviews in case, you’re a tourism and Travel Company as this will assist you:

  • Know the reputation of your travel facility as well as find space for development. If you’re having a visit of local winegrowers, a breakfast or bed, a hotel, or a motel, Scraping TripAdvisor Reviews Data will offer you a sense of how the public sees the facility.
  • Understand the travel industry’s present trends as well as how you could catch up as well as show up from the competitors.

How Can Web Scraping Help You Get Data From the TripAdvisor Reviews?


Web scraping is the finest way of accessing and using a huge amount of data given in TripAdvisor reviews. A web scraper will assist you to compile as well as transfer data in the spreadsheet to do review and analysis.

Conventionally, you would need to get through all TripAdvisor reviews as well as manually input various parameters in the spreadsheet. For instance, while reading a TripAdvisor review given below, you might note in Excel that:

  • This is a five-star review
  • This was reviewed on 5th February 2020
  • This was posted with the mobile phone
  • Its writer had visited the location during February 2020
  • One person had found the review useful

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Review Scraping from TripAdvisor Using an API


An API is the software interface, which connects various computer programs as well as permits them to move data without revealing the code underlying every data transfer.

APIs help you to scrape as well as isolate data categories so that you don’t need to examine a huge amount of data within your database. That is how you could find reviews on TripAdvisor as well as how you could get the latest reviews on the TripAdvisor website. You may also utilize code to direct API to give commands to the scraping software for scraping particular data categories from pages you need when you aren’t using your computer. It will help you keep dataset statistics, which are always shifting including stock market pricing.

Though APIs look complex, extracting TripAdvisor reviews having an API could be extremely simple.

Let’s get started:

  1. Download as well as install data scraping software. Ensure that you know the software documentation before installing it. However, note that a few APIs like ReviewGators API, are browser-based so you don’t need to download them.
  2. Visit any web page you need to scrape.
  3. Copy its URL.
  4. Paste that URL in the program.
  5. Then, get the complete HTML output in seconds.
  6. The majority of data scraping tools have the extraction sequence for various HTML elements given on any page. For example, most extraction tools scrape the text initially. Then, you can choose other scrapped categories like Class Attribute, Inner HTML, Captcha, JSON object, href attribute, as well as complete HTML. Accessible categories rely on which data scraping tool you use. So, ensure that you have the right data scraping tool for what you wish to achieve.
  7. ReviewGators’ API simplifies this procedure by providing you with all the HTML categories after pressing the “run” button.

After getting complete output, you can export data to the desired analysis program like SPSS, XLSTAT, and Graphpad.

How to Extract TripAdvisor Reviews Using an HTML Module?


Although it’s suggested that you understand how to do coding before using the APIs, in case, you don’t do coding, you can still extract TripAdvisor reviews with ReviewGators’ pre-made HTML module.

To do scraping with the HTML module:

  1. Visit ReviewGators’ HTML scraper that will help you collect all kinds of HTML info from any website.
  2. Copy the page URL you wish to extract and paste that into the URL field.
  3. With the CSS selector’s field, paste CSS selectors and look for the elements to scrape.
  4. Under the XPath field, just paste your XPath as it will help you compute the values or choose notes from the HTML document. Just play around with XPath expressions for scraping web data.
  5. Press the “start scraping” tab after checking the “I’m not a robot” option. You will get HTML versions of URLs you have pasted in the CSV format. Like ReviewGators API, the HTML scraper helps you to get all HTML categories data.
  6. Download a CSV file or get it directly into your database.

In case, you wish to extract multiple pages, just click the “add one more row” tab at the bottom to add around 10 scrapes at one time.


Though extracting reviews from TripAdvisor sounds hard, it’s very easy if you utilize ReviewGators’ browser-based API as well as HTML Scraper. The majority of extraction tools collect various categories of the HTML data as well as require to get downloaded, however, ReviewGators’ API as well as HTML Scraper permit you to collect all categories of the HTML data from different types of websites as well as set a data cone to populate the database. Both these tools will save your time and assist you in arranging, manipulating, and organizing data.

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