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  14 July 2022


Data extraction service of contact information includes phone numbers, emails, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles in an automated manner from websites.

Finding contact information online might be difficult. If you're fortunate, getting the appropriate email address can only need a few clicks. But what if you're also looking for Business pages, phone numbers, Twitter handles, LinkedIn profiles, and Instagram accounts? What happens if you have to locate hundreds of them?

Finding someone these days typically requires researching all of your options because everyone has various habits when it comes to their online presence. Manually performing this task is a pain, especially if numerous web pages or websites need to be examined. Fortunately, a method known as Web Scraping API allows you to automatically extract useful data from websites, making it possible to automate this task.

Collect details of contact information data by using Reviewgators contact scraper. Web Scrapers are an excellent tool for automating and extracting data from the web, that includes contact information data scraping while it’s just not limited to it.

The scrapers or crawlers made are known as actors are cloud applications assist you to operate that on the ReviewGators platform. You can discover a ton of them in our ReviewGators Store. These actors' tasks consist of automatically crawling the websites of your choice, extracting the contact information from them, and saving it so that you may download it in CSV, Excel, HTML, or JSON forms.

How contact information data is useful?

Why then would you scrape contact information? Here are just a few persuasive justifications for using web scraping to gather contact details:

Data collecting is made affordable, simple, and quick.


Scraping contact information data is a popular request from many marketing teams across many industries. Web scraping names, emails, and phone numbers eliminate the need for human data collection. By doing this, web scraping tools free up the sales and marketing teams' resources to focus on projects that matter and have the potential to have an impact on the company's success.

Contact information data can be fetched easily and quickly using web scrapers compared to manual efforts.

This also boosts lead creation and makes it much simpler, less expensive, and quick procedure than data collection done in any other way.

Importance of data marketing and sales efforts.


You might be surprised to learn that solid sales work always starts with data. One might easily argue that an automated method of gathering contact information is the first significant step in structuring the entire process of creating targeted lead lists. And even though it's not the first large step, it's still a crucial stage in the workflow of building and maintaining a database of leads, contacts, and potential clients.

Additionally, the lead generation process is well on its way to automation if the data the scraper collects is in a universal format and can be connected with other data processing and data categorization tools.

Simplify your sales process by generating leads.


Contact scrapers to link all lead-generating channels into one, including social media, the company website, landing pages, and landing pages for specific events. This is the last but not least step. You can add more automated processes or modify the ones you already have as the team grows accustomed to them and as new business difficulties arise.

Additionally, if that isn't enough to get you to consider the possibilities for the data, you can find more ideas and use cases on our industry pages.

Additionally, Email & Phone Extractor is available on ReviewGators Store. While providing an additional input field, this scraper functions similarly to Contact Details Scraper. Using the Pseudo URLs input area, you can specify the order in which websites should be scrapped. The pages’ least interested to you will not be crawled by crawlers to avoid wasting time. When scraping expensive websites, this can be useful.

Detail Process for extracting contact information data


You can automatically scrape phone numbers, emails, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts from several websites using our Contact Details Scraper.

The equipment used by the actor


The actor was created using Node.js and the open-source web scraping and automation package of ReviewGators where users will be provided with whole source code.

The actor loads the websites listed in the Start URLs when it is launched. Using the Puppeteer library and Google's headless Chrome browser. The actor may replicate user inputs on the web page, like clicks and scrolling, using a puppeteer. Using the PuppeteerCrawler class offered by the ReviewGators, the actor will quickly explore the website looking for any links to other pages.

The actor downloads the HTML source code of the website after it has finished loading. The downloaded HTML including dynamic content loaded using AJAX, is the real content of the web page that the user would see while using headless Chrome. This enables the actor to collect all contact information data as it is displayed on the web pages.

The actor uses regular expressions to collect contact information from the HTML. The regular expressions used to extract contact details from HTML (ECMAScript / JavaScript format) are listed below. ReviewGators provide all the source codes if you need them.


You can duplicate the actor and create your version if you require more control over the data extraction and crawling processes, or you can order a customized version from us.

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