How Web Scraping is Used to Extract Expedia Travel Website Data?

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  1 March 2022


The Expedia website is a popular destination for those who wish to get travel rates, vacation rentals, auto rentals, and even ideas on what to explore in the places they wish to visit. It is an aggregator service, which gathers much more information since you can book flights, hire cars on the website, among other things. Expedia is one of your target websites if you are interested in flight costs, hotel pricing, car rental rates, as well as other travel-related information since it stores millions of travel-related information which you will get engaged in.

You will need to make use of Expedia travel web scrapers to streamline the process of fetching the data from various Expedia pages.

What is the Meaning of Using Expedia Scraper?


Extraction of website data is the process of mechanically extracting a huge quantity of the information from a website. A similar concept is applied to scrape the Expedia Travel Data. This retrieves and organizes large volumes of the flight or hotel information. When it comes to vacation specifics, there are generally a variety of possibilities.

You must examine various airports, carriers, routes, connecting flights, arrival and departure schedules, and other aspects. Furthermore, airline prices are infamous for shifting on a monthly, daily, and even hourly basis. Manually combining through all of those alternatives would be a massive undertaking that would take a long time.

Expedia does not allow web scraping since it increases server costs and is also considered data theft. However, in the eyes of the law, online scraping is legal as long as the data being scraped is publicly accessible and not protected behind credentials or other barriers.

Even without Expedia's backing, it has now become a focus for scraping through both small-scale and large-scale web scrapers — including their competitors. As a result, it has spent much in technology to build up anti-scraping technologies that make it harder to scrape its information.

Reasons Behind Scraping Expedia Data


Browsing Expedia for travel information is an excellent approach to compare airfare and hotel prices from multiple websites. However, that's only very efficient if your journey has specific parameters. So, if you know your particular time period, location, airport addresses, and so on, you should be able to get a good offer by manually browsing the web. When you're more flexible or want to discover what the optimal time is to fly to several other alternative possibilities, you should extract that data. Otherwise, you'll be spending a lot more time doing regular searches. Even then, you will very certainly observe just a subset of the available outcomes.

The only method to ensure you receive all you want is to scrape the data from Expedia directly. The more travel alternatives you have, the better your outcomes will be. It is difficult for a human to pass through all of the information. A scraper, will browse through large number of the search results pages at once. You can tell your requirement and it will extract any matches.

Then you will have all the information you need. You may browse and filter it at your convenience, then make plans depending on where the scraper found. Because this is a fully automated procedure, there is nothing further you must do.

Procedure to Extract Expedia Data


Scraping Expedia data necessitates the use of a software, or crawler, to carry out the operation. However, you do not have to create it from the bottom. There are scraping tools available that are meant to be Expedia scrapers. These applications submit requests to Expedia and then gather and arrange the results. It performs this frequently based on the information you provide. Because this technique is handled by your machine, it is considerably faster than manually sorting through the information. Essentially, you describe the specifications of the information you want to find. The Expedia scraper then begins requesting and collecting the relevant data.

The data is then returned as output, which you may browse, organize, and filter as desired. All of the information you requested is included in the findings. Any information viewed by the public on Expedia can be captured and displayed in your scraping outcomes. This allows users a lot of flexibility in specifying the actual details that you want for your activity. This also prevents the results from containing a variety of results that you do not require.

To create a web scraper for scraping Expedia, you may use any Turing complete programming language, but in this post, here you will select Python because it is the most common programming language for scraper building, especially for beginners. To speed up the development process when scraping Expedia, you will need to employ third-party libraries. We propose using Requests to send HTTP requests and BeautifulSoup to parse data.

You cannot scrape Expedia without being barred unless you defeat the Expedia anti-spam system, which includes anti-scraping protection. Unlike pre-made scrapers, which do not require you to worry regarding blocks, creating a custom extractor requires you to incorporate anti-block tactics; otherwise, you will be banned after extracting from a few websites. This is due to Expedia's usage of IP monitoring to detect an unusually high number of queries originating from the very same IP address in a short amount of time.

To get rid of this, you will need to employ rotating proxies as many queries won’t have the same IP address. Residential proxies, from ReviewGators, are suggested because they are untraceable by Expedia anti-spam system. It is also critical to spin the user agent, randomly select the time between requests, and spin other header values so that the anti-spam system cannot determine that you are using a crawler.


A typical user is unlikely to scrape Expedia or utilize an Expedia proxy. However, it is a strong technique to get a large amount of data in a short period to make more educated judgments regarding any future trip plans. There is no way to ensure that scraping Expedia data will always function, however, using one of the Expedia proxies reduces the risk. Proxies with rotating IPs, paired with a proper scraping application, such as ReviewGators, will assist you in obtaining all you want from Expedia. Of course, a proxy might also be used for manual surfing.

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