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 29 Apr 2024


Are you one of the 94% of buyers who rely on online reviews to make the final decision? This means that most people today explore reviews before taking action, whether booking hotels, visiting a place, buying a book, or something else.

We understand the stress of booking the right place, especially when visiting somewhere new. Finding the balance between a perfect spot, services, and budget is challenging. Many of you consider TripAdvisor reviews a go-to solution for closely getting to know the place.

Here comes the accurate game-changing method—scrape TripAdvisor reviews data. But wait, is it legal and ethical? Yes, as long as you respect the website's terms of service, don't overload its servers, and use the data for personal or non-commercial purposes. What? How? Why?

Do not stress. We will help you understand why many hotel, restaurant, and attraction place owners invest in web scraping TripAdvisor reviews or other platform information. This powerful tool empowers you to understand your performance and competitors' strategies, enabling you to make informed business changes. What next?

Let's dive in and give you a complete tour of the process of web scraping TripAdvisor review data!

What Is Scraping TripAdvisor Reviews Data?

Extracting customer reviews and other relevant information from the TripAdvisor platform through different web scraping methods. This process works by accessing publicly available website data and storing it in a structured format to analyze or monitor.

Various methods and tools available in the market have unique features that allow you to extract TripAdvisor hotel review data hassle-free. Here are the different types of data you can scrape from a TripAdvisor review scraper:

  • Hotels
  • Ratings
  • Awards
  • Location
  • Pricing
  • Number of reviews
  • Review date
  • Reviewer's Name
  • Restaurants
  • Images

You may want other information per your business plan, which can be easily added to your requirements.

What Are The Ways To Scrape TripAdvisor Reviews Data?

TripAdvisor uses different web scraping methods to review data, depending on available resources and expertise. Let us look at them:

Scrape TripAdvisor Reviews Data Using Web Scraping API

An API helps to connect various programs to gather data without revealing the code used to execute the process. The scrape TripAdvisor Reviews is a standard JSON format that does not require technical knowledge, CAPTCHAs, or maintenance.

Now let us look at the complete process:

  • First, check if you need to install the software on your device or if it's browser-based and does not need anything. Then, download and install the desired software you will be using for restaurant, location, or hotel review scraping. The process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring your confidence in using these tools.
  • Now redirect to the web page you want to scrape data from and copy the URL to paste it into the program.
  • Make updates in the HTML output per your requirements and the information you want to scrape from TripAdvisor reviews.
  • Most tools start by extracting different HTML elements, especially the text. You can then select the categories that need to be extracted, such as Inner HTML, href attribute, class attribute, and more.
  • Export the data in SPSS, Graphpad, or XLSTAT format per your requirements for further analysis.

Scrape TripAdvisor Reviews Using Python

TripAdvisor review information is analyzed to understand the experience of hotels, locations, or restaurants. Now let us help you to scrape TripAdvisor reviews using Python:

  • Install the libraries that are required to gather the data efficiently. Open the command prompt or terminal to install the libraries:
  • pip install requests
    pip install beautifulsoup4                           
  • Find the URL for the web page from where you want to extract the data.
  • Now, use the requests library to retrieve HTML content using the following command:
  • import requests
    url = ‘’
    response = requests.get(url)
    html_content = response.content                       
  • You can use the BeautifulSoup library to parse the HTML content effortlessly.
  • from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
    soup = BeautifulSoup(html_content, ‘html.parser’)                     
  • Collect the TripAdvisor review text and rating:
  • reviews = []
    for review in soup.find_all(‘div’, {‘class’: ‘review-container’}):
    review_text = review.find(‘p’, {‘class’: ‘partial_entry’}).text
    review_rating = review.find(‘span’, {‘class’: ‘ui_bubble_rating’})[‘class’][1][1]
    reviews.append((review_text, review_rating))                  
  • Now we can print the information collected:
  • for review in reviews:
    print(‘Review Text:’, review[0])
    print(‘Review Rating:’, review[1])
  • You need to refine the data as the scraped data might contain repetitive or unwanted information:
  • for review in reviews:
    review_text = review[0].replace(‘\n’, ”).strip()
    review_rating = int(review[1]) / 10
    print(‘Review Text:’, review_text)
    print(‘Review Rating:’, review_rating)
  • Once you have refined the information, save the data easily:
  • import csv
    with open(‘reviews.csv’, ‘w’, newline=”) as file:
    writer = csv.writer(file)
    writer.writerow([‘Review Text’, ‘Review Rating’])
    for review in reviews:
    review_text = review[0].replace(‘\n’, ”).strip()
    review_rating = int(review[1]) / 10
    writer.writerow([review_text, review_rating])           

Scrape TripAdvisor Reviews Data Using The HTML Module

Getting familiar with HTML and the programming language required to scrape the data from TripAdvisor reviews is essential. Here is the process to scrape data using the HTML module:

  • Go to your scraping tool and understand the complete process of data scraping TripAdvisor reviews.
  • Redirect to the web page, copy the URL, and paste it into the URL field.
  • In the CSS selector field, paste your CSS selectors and choose the elements you want to extract.
  • In the XPath field, paste your XPath, which is used to compute values and gather notes from HTML documents.
  • Now click on Start Scraping. You will have access to HTML files in the CSV format. You can download or export the files as required.

What To Extract From Web Scraping TripAdvisor Reviews?

With a wide range of information in the TripAdvisor review section, it is crucial to pick essential details from the bulk. Some of the data types you can scrape from TripAdvisor:

User Profile

The platform allows users to open accounts and save information in real-time for future access. This information is then used to understand the user's interests, choices, and behavior.


In this section, customers share their experience, quality of service, pricing, or other factors that define the visit to that place. Depending on the customers, it might be a restaurant, attraction, or restaurant.


Most customers leave information about the pricing as it plays a vital role in decision-making about the location. It can define the prices for food, accommodation, or travel.


Some customers share pictures of the place, amenities, food, attractions, and other images that highlight the place they visited. This gives other people a natural feel and knowledge about the space before visiting.

Challenges With Scraping TripAdvisor Reviews Data


When you have a limited TripAdvisor reviews scraper that has fixed features and functionalities, you can face challenges like:

  • Dynamic Data: The data on the platform tends to change continuously, making extracting data in real-time challenging. Use innovative tools and technologies instead of just running the HTTP requests.
  • Infinite Pagination: TripAdvisor might use endless scrolling or pagination to share reviews and listings, which is complicated to scrape. In such cases, you might need a professional scraper to manage the AJAX requests, which loads additional information.
  • Managing Sessions: The website may have session cookies in some places, which means your web scraping tool must be able to handle cookies efficiently.
  • CAPTCHAs: Sometimes, CAPTCHAs can be used to secure a website from suspicious activity, and they must be solved before fetching information. This is the primary reason for hindering the automation process of web scraping.
  • IP Blocks: The platform has taken the necessary actions to detect and block scrapers, such as rate limiting and IP blocks. If you send frequent requests, it might temporarily or permanently block your IP.

Benefits Of Web Scraping TripAdvisor Reviews Data

You know that data analysis has the potential to scale your business quickly and make decisions to bring profitable results. Also, you might want to see why this review data is essential, let's explore together:

  • The extracted information easily decodes customer sentiments. Customers also quickly learn their interests and dislikes from the reviews.
  • Compare different places to make the right choice easily. Once you have reviews from people who have visited, it is easier to get a clear idea and decide.
  • Know the prices. People are eager to grab an opportunity to save money and enjoy their leisure time. You can find an affordable solution by digging into existing reviews and ratings.
  • Gather information about the most and least popular places at a given location. This makes it easier to share insights with potential customers.
  • With detailed web scraping of TripAdvisor review data, you can build a plan for creating content related to the travel industry. This content can be a blog, social media, news, activities, or others.

End Note

We have shared some insights about the whole process of scraping TripAdvisor review data through different methods. As a business owner, you can grab the best opportunities by web-scraping TripAdvisor review data and optimizing your target audience's content.

With industry experts from ReviewGators, you can unlock the potential of the data scraper tool to gather high-quality, organized, formatted, and error-free data. Start scraping data and effortlessly make smarter decisions.

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