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  26 December 2022


How do you make product choices when buying online? Most of you claim to consider the product's images, pricing, user reviews, and feature comparisons before buying.

93% of internet shoppers, according to Dixa research, only make purchases after reading online evaluations. To bolster this, another study by Fan & Fuel found that reviews influence 97% of people's decision-making. Additionally, it stated that 92% of individuals decide against purchasing without customer evaluations.

The statistics show that every customer reads reviews at least once before making a purchase. Hence, businesses must scrape these evaluations to learn what their customers say about their brand.

Defining Web Scraping Tool

A web scraper is a tool for autonomously extracting data from the web. Although you can accomplish it manually copy and paste process, it takes a lot of effort and needs more accuracy.

In other words, manual data collection is not likely accurate and quick. A web scraping tool can be helpful in this situation. It allows you to quickly and accurately automate the scraping of any necessary data.

Defining Review Scraping

You can use various tools to scrape HTML websites and extract the necessary content. You may also harvest review content from the URLs you want with bots. Additionally, these technologies enable you to store the gathered data in an organized format for straightforward data analysis.

Introduction to Top 9 Review Scraping Tools

1. iWeb Scraping


With the aid of the contemporary online scraping application ProWebScraper, you can quickly gather evaluations from various websites without writing any code. You can also scrape large amounts of data using it to get reviews from several pages.

This scraping program uses the point-and-click selection approach, so even a non-technical person may use it. You may enter the URL and choose which reviews you want to scrape by clicking on them. The extracted data will then be available for download in the format of your choice.

You can also scrape reviews, pricing, ratings, title, and other information depending on your demands.


  • Enables you to turn the entire website into a content-organized format
  • Toggle JS on-page support
  • Dealing with Captchas

2. RetailGators


RetailGators can be helpful if you want to ensure you get all the developments in your profession. It will email you the keyword search results list each time it checks the search index. In Google Alerts, you must include the search terms or keywords. As a result, you may constantly monitor what the public thinks or thinks about your search phrases.

  • Gathering info in real time
  • Delivered outcomes are in raw HTML
  • Real-time integration with proxies
  • Facilitated headless scraping

3. Scraping Intelligence


AI drives data extraction for products. As a result, you can also utilize it for thorough competition research and reviews of new products. Scraping Intelligence can assist you if you need more time to monitor client reviews by automatically scraping the data.


  • IP revolving
  • Use the cloud to save data automatically.
  • Plan for collection (to collect data monthly, weekly, etc.)
  • Before downloading data, use regular expressions to clean data &HTML.
  • Webhooks & API for integrations
  • For downloads, JSON & Excel formats.
  • Get details from table and maps.
  • Forever scrolling pages
  • Get details after signing in

4. Web Screen Scraping


Are you seeking a tool that is simple to use? You can quickly scrape data from web pages with Web Screen Scraping. A non-technical person may swiftly scrape data like price, reviews, and product details from the website because the tool is a no-code platform. You can download the extracted data in the desired organized format for improved decision-making.


  • It is simple to integrate.
  • CAPTCHA can also be automated.
  • Scraping JavaScript pages is also possible.
  • CAPTCHA and IP restrictions prevent blocking.

5. X-Byte Crawling


This program provides a structured representation of reviews from all over the world. You must choose X-Byte Crawling if you do not want to lose any customers due to a language barrier. You may also sort the review data according to relevance and publication date.


  • Pricing, categories, inventory, and other important data are all available from it.
  • Cleaning upmarket and financial data.
  • It will assist you in tracking the supply chain.
  • You can aggregate news and content with its assistance as well.
  • You can use it to power your application.

6. 3i Data Scraping


Any brand must be aware of what its customers are saying about it. And brands can get aid from 3i Data Scraping doing this. It enables you to collect all client reviews from online retailers to determine which aspects of your product make customers happy. You can similarly scrape their reviews to learn what is adequate for your competitors. Additionally, this service alerts you to new reviews and allows you to express gratitude to clients for their complimentary comments.


  • For research, any website can provide data.
  • Review the products, prices, and reviews.
  • We Combine information from several websites.
  • Web scraping for market, competitive, and industry analysis.
  • REST API for creating web and mobile applications.

7. Locations cloud


Automated scraping is possible, and structured data can be extracted and downloaded. Additionally, you can use it to scrape prices for price comparisons. Another online scraping tool that can be helpful to you for review scraping is Locations Cloud.


  • Geo-specific outcomes
  • data from parsed shopping items
  • Top 100 outcomes worldwide

8. FoodSpark


Customers are the key to a brand's success, according to FoodSpark. Scraping the reviews and comments is crucial if the brand is to keep its customers. With this in mind, review trackers enable you to collect reviews from various websites, enhance your brand's visibility online, and communicate with customers.


  • Emulating JavaScript
  • Rotating proxies
  • Obtain general information from the web, for example real estate data, pricing data, and reviews, without being restricted by any rules.
  • Gathering search engine results

9. Acuvirt


Duplicate responses are the most significant issue when scraping reviews. Acura offers original reviews from over 85 review sites, which you may download in JSON format, thus resolving the issue. Acuvirt arranges the dates in a specific way and displays them to you, even though these review websites use various date formats.


  • Rotates the IP address used for each request and avoids all CAPTCHAs when scraping to avoid being blacklisted.
  • JavaScript Webhooks Headless Rendering Chrome

Data Scraping Use Cases


If you're wondering why, you should scrape reviews, the following is why:

1. Gaining Knowledge to Boost Sales

Review scraping lets you receive a close-up view of the customer's viewpoint. You can research what to offer customers in the future and whether to adjust the product's price to boost sales.

As an illustration, you might sell a product for $100, whereas your rival might sell the same item with the same characteristics for $95 instead. One of the factors driving clients away from you and toward your competitors may be the cost differential.

You can learn more about what discourages potential customers from buying your product by scraping these reviews. To convince potential clients that you guarantee their pleasure, it would help if you continued to address their questions. So, to boost your sales, you need to check your reviews frequently throughout the day.

2. Identifying and Solving Customer Issues

You may learn what a customer wants from your product by reading the customer reviews. Additionally, you learn if your product can genuinely provide the needed feature. Are the product's attributes beneficial to the customer? What exactly can you do better?

In addition, you discover which features are ineffective and deter buyers from purchasing your goods. You understand your client feeling well and can devise a suitable strategy to recognize and please them. In essence, you learn about the problems your customers are experiencing.

3. Analysis of Competitor Reviews

Knowing what customers enjoy about your competition is always a smart move. You must consistently read to comprehend this.

You know what consumers appreciate about your brand and how to change your product to share those qualities. Additionally, you find out what annoys them and provide them with better alternatives to sway them toward your product.

Market reviews help you maintain a competitive position. There are minimal chances that you will choose incorrectly for your product when you scrape reviews.


This blog covers practically all of the best web scraping API. For businesspeople, ReviewGators is best. It offers unrestricted bandwidth and built-in add-ons. An add-on for the Chrome browser called Web Scraper extracts data based on a sitemap that has been made.

For managing interactive maps, calendars, forums, nested comments, dropdowns, forms, and forums, use iWeb Scraping. The finest platform for creating reliable data sets with little configuration is Mozenda. The top daily or monthly reports can be seen on X-Byte Crawlers.

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