How to Scrape Hotel Reviews Data from Travel Portals?

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  29 October 2021


Scraping Hotel Reviews from Different Travel Portals as well as Review Sites

Extracting hotel reviews from different travel websites have become a normal practice amongst hospitality businesses that want to level-up the game using advanced analytics.

No matter if this is a domestic traveling portal or a well-known review website, you could monitor or track customers’ success stories very easily. Hotel reviews given by the guests on traveling websites are a wonderful source for neutral customer experiences that could be analyzed to have actionable insights. For instance, if you are any luxury hotel chain and wants to understand the customers better, then you can easily scrape hotel reviews from traveling websites to go about that. This is also a very good idea to scrape hotels’ competitor reviews as it will assist you in identifying their strengths and weaknesses that might boost your marketing strategy. Whereas there’s no shortage for hotel reviews on different online traveling sites, the majority of businesses lack infrastructure, expertise, as well as resources for crawling and scraping hotel reviews from different travel websites in an automated and efficient manner.

At Reviewgators, we have specialize in big-scale web data scraping solutions as well as have been dealing with use cases where customers wanted to scrape hotel reviews from traveling websites. As a client, you don’t need to get involved in technically complex characteristics of data extraction and web crawling. It helps you concentrate on the applications for hotel review data as well as other key business functions.

Hotel Review Scraping Applications


Through carefully analyzing hotel reviews, the businesses can get important insights of the customers as well as their priorities and demands. The neutral nature of these reviews makes them even more valued to you like a welcome business owner. Let’s go through the most well-known applications for hotel review scraping.

1. Know Your Consumers’ Preferences


Staying updated with customers’ preferences is an important requirement to run any successful business. In case, the hotel isn’t addressing customer’s demands, your money is of no use as well as you are creating customer dissatisfaction. For addressing this, it is important to understand your customers’ requirements. Scraping hotel reviews could help you recognize a host of problems, which are bothering the potential customers. Then, you can go ahead as well as tweak customer services to improve them.

2. Brand Monitoring


For getting a positive brand image, the business need to understand customers’ complaints. Brand monitoring could help you stay updated and find unaddressed problems before escalating to the PR nightmare. Extracting and scraping hotel reviews from a travel website is the easiest way of staying in.

3. Competitor’s Analysis


It is very important to observe your brand as well as monitor your competitors in today’s cut-throat competition. At times, reviews given by competitors’ clients about services can assist you recognize your real position in the market. For instance, if reviews of competitors’ hotel pages indicate at the demands for a definite service, you can start offering that service. It can easily assist you in driving extra sales without investing in research.

4. NLP (Natural Language Processing)


Natural language processing witnesses solutions offered by Machine Learning that are concentrated on helping machines to know the context available behind the human languages. These NLP systems have a role to play while using different voice assistant systems like Cortana, Google Now, and Siri. An enormous amount of user-generated content is needed to work the NLP system work well.

How Will Extracting Hotel Reviews Work?


Using our well-managed services, you don’t need to bother about complexities related with scraping hotel reviews.

The project begins with the requirements collecting phase where you need to share particulars of your requirements like the websites you require to scrape, frequency of crawling as well as data fields to get scraped.

When we’ve recognized the feasibility project, our team would set up crawlers as well as start delivering data in the preferred frequency and format.

At ReviewGators, we back data delivery in XML, CSV, and JSON formats through FTP, API, Dropbox, Amazon S3, Box, and more. We have end-to-end ownership of scraping aspects and provide the required data as per your requirements. Just submit all your requirements here to get started or ask ReviewGators for a free quote!

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