What is the best way to scrape customer reviews from different websites?

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  24 February 2023


How to Scrape Customer Reviews on Different Websites?

Web scraping is essential information gathering to understand why a brand's product may be rated poorly. It allows you to access customer reviews from various websites to uncover trending issues or hidden gems. This blog post will cover how to scrape reviews for Amazon, Yelp, and Google Plus, as well as the best practices or review scraper for effective scaping when done without legal repercussions.

It is an essential part of data analysis today, and it can help your business grow by accessing customer reviews about your products and services on various websites.

What are the benefits of scraping reviews?


The key benefits of scraping reviews happen because you can understand the standard ratings, complaints, and threats that may affect your brand negatively. It allows you to have a better understanding of the public perception of your brand.

1. Identify poor ratings

Scraping reviews can be used in helping to identify negative public feedback associated with your brand. For example, scrape a Google search results page and find a commonly searched term with no brand name that offers excellent feedback. Scrape the website's surface and ensure no articles, links, or advertising blocking this information.

2. Identify common questions or concerns

Another critical benefit of scraping review websites is accessing customers' questions or concerns regarding your product or service. This data can help you figure out the issue's root and how to fix it for future customers using similar terms.

3. Identify customer service contacts

Another benefit of scraping reviews is knowing the contact details to help you set up a live customer support session. It will help you offer 24/7 customer assistance services by establishing signs, symbols, and phone numbers that customers can visually identify.

Best practices for scraping reviews

It is not recommended to scrape Yelp or Google Plus to fulfill your data needs legally. These sites had a non-compete agreement with Google and Yelp when they signed up with them, and they must not use their proprietary software or software code to access this data without prior permission from these platforms.

How does scraping work?

Scraping is easy-to-do because it involves a limited number of skills and programming knowledge. All you need is information retrieval (IR) software and a little patience to enter information manually into a database. It could be an automated task or manual entry if you need more experience. This process will allow you to capture and store customer reviews on a wired or wireless device at average speed.

Amazon is used by millions of users daily, and it has hundreds of millions of products that can be accessed with a simple search. Scraping helps you understand your customer's needs by extracting free information. The only cost is the time spent collecting this data, including the desired content, format, source, language, and quality.

How can scrape tools help you?


Scraping tools can be used for repetitive work and to minimize human errors. These tools allow users to choose whether to use a web browser, command prompt, or Windows explorer to copy and paste data into a text file saved on their computer.

Data you can scrape from the website.

You can scrape the URL for its title and description and the page's source code for links, images, and various titles for each listed product. You want to capture all of this information to ensure that your computer makes no mistakes when capturing data.

Data validation is important because it checks how well your computer can extract data from a website. Validation involves entering test data on multiple websites and reviewing whether your laptop could collect relevant information. The process will allow you to know if there are errors in your search engine or request.

Scrape reviews for Amazon.

Scraping reviews on Amazon is easy because the site is heavily used daily. You can search for new products and read customer feedback and product reviews. You can quickly gather product data by scraping reviews, such as titles, descriptions, pictures, ratings, prices, and availability. If a specific product has no reviews or low-quality ratings, then it is not recommended that you scrap the site.

Reviews can be collected from all available products to understand your brand's different categories or specific products or services running through negative public feedback.

Scrape reviews for Yelp.

Scraping reviews for Yelp is a popular way to gather data about customer experiences with a company. You can use this tool when you know the product or service to understand a consumer's experience better. Scraping reviews on Yelp allows you to gather various items, including source, title, URL, language, category, image, and rating.

Scrape reviews for Google Search.

Scraping Google search results is a great way to get data about your brand from customers actively searching for your offering. You can search through millions of customers daily to quickly gather information about your brand and how they feel about it.

How to scrape the reviews from different sites?


You can scrape reviews from different sites by selecting the right tool that allows you to download data, organize it on your computer, and will enable you to refine the content into a usable format. You must also check and read reviews to determine if they are high quality to decide whether or not you want to use the scraping software.

1. Select software tools.

You should check the different scraping tools available today because they are based on popular search engines that you can reuse to gather data in various languages. You can narrow down your search results by the language you need the software to be in, or you can select a website that is not commonly used and will allow you to save time by having better quality results. Once you have decided where you want to find reviews, then it is time to select a powerful search engine for your database of websites and review data, such as Google or Bing.

2. Download database files from the site.

You will use the scraping software to download the data from each website. You can select multiple websites from a database file to receive more detailed information on each page. The software will allow you to organize the downloaded data by categories, websites, or other specific details for your brand.

3. Sort the downloaded data.

Your computer must be able to sort through the downloaded data quickly and accurately because it is essential to ensure that you are receiving only high-quality results. You will want to filter out junk or irrelevant information before using other tools on your computer.

4. Edit the data.

You can use editing software to clean up the data you have downloaded and ensure that it is accurate and high-quality. If you want information on a specific product or brand, you must edit your results to refine the process and make it more transparent. You should also be able to use formatting tools such as dates, numbers, currency symbols, etc.

5. Organize the data by categories.

The reason why different categories are essential when scraping reviews is that some of them may include large amounts of irrelevant information for your search criteria or brand-related criteria.


Scraping software can be a highly convenient way to harvest information for your brand. However, check the capability and quality of these sites to determine if they are worth the time and effort. If you can’t find a relevant website, you should use the time to do something else or focus on other pursuits.

Scraping offers several advantages over other forms of data gathering. Scraping allows you to obtain and analyze information from various sources simultaneously. It is essential because ensuring that your computer extracts content from websites accurately can be challenging without relying on human efforts. Automating scrapers for large-scale data gathering helps prevent data inaccuracies and reduces the time between receiving and utilizing information for business purposes.

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